How to activate “OK Google” voice command on Samsung Galaxy

How to activate “OK Google”

How to activate “OK Google” voice command on Samsung Galaxy – “OK Google” is already quite familiar to our ears, especially for Android device users. By saying this powerful sentence, we can command Google’s Assistant to do many things.

We only need to add the command words, questions or certain information, and Google Assistant will automatically find or do what we want it. With “OK Google, open WhatsApp” for example, we can open WhatsApp without the hassle of finding the messaging application.

Google’s assistants are very reliable in helping with our daily tasks. Different from the previous version of digital assistant, Google Now, Google Assistant can handle more complex tasks because there is an artificial intelligence system in it.

How to activate “OK Google” voice command on Samsung Galaxy

  • Press and hold the Home button on the smartphone for a few moments.
  • From the “The new way to talk to Google” page, press the CONTINUE button.
  • Furthermore, we can choose NO THANKS or I AGREE on the next page, to set whether to use voice commands directly or not.
  • If you choose NO THANK, you cannot use voice commands when Google Now is not on.
  • If you choose I AGREE, you can open Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” or “Hi Google”.
  • Then follow each of the instructions from the selected option.

After finishing activating it, we can now use it according to the selected preferences. In general, we can use Google Assistant by pressing the Home button for a few moments as when to activate it.

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But for those of you who activate Voice Match as stated in step 5, then we can activate Google Assistant by using voice. In this case, we only need to say the divine sentence.

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